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The unique sacred geometrical icosahedron at Healthy Spirals Ayurveda Meditation can help you  better connect with your inner self and discover the wisdom and tranquility that lie within. Meditation is a healing practice that allows you to experience inner calm and deep relaxation, an essential tool for bringing a person’s mind back into balance when practiced on a regular basis.  

One of the five platonic solids, the icosahedron represents the water element. It also represents the sacral chakra associated with the flow of emotions, joy and creativity.

Sit quietly inside the copper lined structure surrounded by copper tensor coils and experience this unique meditation experience yourself.


Before and after chakra scans using biofeedback technology are available as an additional service for $25/session. 



  • Monday - Saturday 8am-8pm

  • By Appointment Only



  • Studies show that meditation can improve psychological well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, addiction, and depression and by improving memory and critical thinking.

  • Meditation can make structural changes to the brain.

  • A meditation practice can change the way neurons communicate with each other and is capable of creating new circuits.

  • Meditation can help some brain regions become denser and more connected while loosening and opening others.

  • Meditation can also reduce blood pressure and bolster the immune system.

Why Wait?  Get started today!

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